Your ONE STOP ENTERPRISE for all your Film/Theater/Entertainment/Video/Logistic and Delivery Services and Productions including Live Entertainment needs. We are on a path to revolutionize and create the world's best and most professional quality service in all Film / Movie / Video / Theater / Entertainment / Video / Logistics and Delivery Services and Productions.


At Iconic Productions, we are your ONE STOP ENTERPRISE for all your Film/Theater/Entertainment/Video Productions and Live Entertainment needs.  We have the largest creative manpower of cast and crew who bring out the best and most professional quality in all Film/Movie/Video/Theater/Entertainment and Video Productions.

Every state of the production is covered with Iconic Productions.  From Development > Pre-Production > Production > Photography > 
The Wrap > Post-Production > and Distribution.

And more importantly, our workers can cover every single department in making high-quality production.  We are able to produce, manage and even finance your current or next Film / Movie / Video / Theater / Entertainment or Video production.

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entertainment, live events & theater shows

From Live Theatrical Shows to Entertainment Events, we have you covered from the planning to the actual event itself and the after party if you wish.  Our Creatively Inspired Personnel operate 24 hours / 7 Days a week across the globe to ensure you Entertainment Event or Live Show is the best in the world.

Our Services for Entertainment, Events and Live Shows include Live Theatrical Stage and Event Shows, Travel Tours and Events, Theater in Education and Entertainment at Festivals, Functions, Conferences and the list goes on and on and on.

Iconic Productions Entertainment, Live Events and Shows are designed with you and your customers in mind. Tailor made to meet your specific needs, our events are performed using our trademarked Iconic linear concept. This concept allows your customers, adults, children, staff or patrons to experience an event that is right in front of their eyes with a huge amount of audience participation and interaction. No stage and no barriers between the audience and the performers. Done entirely to invoke happy emotions and stimulate positive outcomes and experiences, our linear concept ensures almost everyone is involved regardless of their age. We guarantee that your audience be it adults, children, students, staff, teachers, patrons or the public will be immersed in bright sparkly lights, sensationalised by the sound effects and amused by the cast and crew. Whether you are organising a large corporate Event, Office Presentation, Seminar, Company Family Day Out, promoting a product or a public event, School Fete, Vacation Care Program, Dinner Function or Party, you can't go wrong with Iconic.

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You cannot be a one stop Production Company without a specific EVENT MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT.  Our Event Managers specialize in the guaranteed smooth operation from pre-planning, to start and finishing of any event.  We can do absolutely everything for you to allow you to focus on the more important things of your event.

Our highly trained and professional event managers use our own specifically designed Electronic Resource Management Software to do everything you don’t wish to do.  From arranging, booking, and managing all your TRAVELLING / TRANSPORTATION / ACCOMMODATION requirements for you and your patrons and staff.  Our personnel take care of all your event Bookings / Schedules / Itineraries / and Reservations for all your flight and/or Car Rental / Hire.  

We can also manage and maintain all ASSETS including the proper and reasonable care of all items and equipment.  Create detailed online Knowledge Base manuals, FAQs and instructions and notes.  Setup and furnish all your itinerary detailing bookings for each of your Events.

And if required we can secure, upload, and store all your Props and Scripts.

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CREW FOR Productions

Whether it’s Mission: Impossible or My Dinner with Andre, the closing credits of any movie reveal a dizzying variety of film crew positions that have contributed to its creation.

And if you are about to start your own film or theatrical show, regardless of the budget you need Iconic Productions expert crew to help you make it. We are able to supply with the right crew for your project whether they are "above the line" or "below the line".

Our production crew understand the needs of Film or Theater since the start of the millennium. As a trusted leader in the industry our crew can handle any size job and project for any duration, from a day's work to a short term or a large term project, nowhere else will you find the reliability, commitment, and dedication than from our Production Crew workforce.  It is easier said than done, so don’t take our word for it, put us to the test today! Any type of production or event is an art and here at Iconic ... We are the real and true artists …

Your project is our next BLOCKBUSTER!

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Our CASTING Service is nothing like you have ever experienced. 

Up and coming filmmakers and theater creators often ask us how to effectively find the right person to Cast as an actor or actress. 
While we have been involved in so many different productions from small budgets to large budget Hollywood and Broadway Like Events and Productions there is no cut and dry formula for putting together the perfect cast.

Undeniably one of the most important ways to find the right cast is to have a team of expert panelists audition the applicants. And here is where Iconic Productions stands out from the rest.  Our expert Casting Directors will understand your vision and create a character bio to ensure that all the right boxes are ticked. 

Unless you have an extremely strong background in knowing the psychology of people and that of a character, let us find your next set of cast to make sure you get what you need to bring your vision to screen or stage. 

chauffeur, logistics & security

We couldn't be a ONE-STOP company for all your business needs without our Professionally Designed Secure Transport & Logistics Solutions and Premium Talent Security.

Recognized globally Iconic Productions is the leading provider of executive Chauffeurs, Logistics and Security.  Servicing all major cities across Australia, the USA and England our 5 point guarantee is the drive of our excellence in all that we do.

There is no other company that can meet our polished and always punctual service that is delivered by our highly trained employees who are courteous and knowledgeable.  And YES that is right all our chauffeurs are employees of the company, not contractors which gives you the peace of mind of reliability with vehicles and service and continuity of the Iconic high standard that has made us the most trusted and respected company since 2000.

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Iconic Performances is the leader in Interactive

Live Theater and Stage Performances, Live Shows and Entertainment.   

We provide interactive educational shows to schools across Australia, we produce live theatre shows and dinner and show events.  We also produce all stage plays, stage shows, theater shows, shorts and entertainment for government, public, private and corporate clients.

Booking over 1800 shows per year, we are proud of what we offer and can't wait to bring LIFE, ENTERTAINMENT, and INTERACTION to your next theatrical show.

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wHO is Iconic productions

Well, we are the only ONE STOP ENTERPRISE for all your FILM/EVENT/THEATER/MOVIE/VIDEO AND ENTERTAINMENT needs.  With one of the largest personnel in crew in every department you can think of including our casting department, you can consider us as the WORLD's ONLY version of WALMART for everything to do with FILM/EVENT/THEATER/MOVIE/VIDEO AND ENTERTAINMENT Productions.

Globally we are the leaders in creating high quality video, motion film, animation and theatrical and entertainment Interactive productions for all businesses and individuals. Providing some of the best participative experiences, we have been in operation since 2001 across the world from the USA, to the UK and Australia. Our video, digital media and productions are at the highest level and the most affordable prices, ensuring your Return of Investment is extremely high and the level of customer/audience satisfaction surpasses anything you can imagine. Our product will increase your business sales and profits, your business exposure or brand/product awareness and your customer engagement.

Iconic Productions was created at the start of the millennium (Feb 10, 2000) in the United States of America and has grown over the decades to be the renowned and well-respected Production Company across three Continents.  The United States of the America, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Iconic Productions is ICONIC in every sense of the word and our Film and Theater productions, our Events, Video, and Entertainment events, performances, and shows will no doubt leave everyone laughing, entertained and will be memorable. It will be ICONIC WE STAND BY IT!  That is our guarantee.

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Why Choose Us

At Iconic Productions we are with you for the entire experience and journey. 
We are here to develop a solid ever-lasting business relationship with you built on 4 main things.



Our highly trained workers are specialists and experts in their fields.  We source only the most Iconic people in their area of speciality who know what they are doing, how to do it the most efficient and professional way.



Given we are open 24 hours / 7 days a week, there is always someone available to answer your question, concerns or queries. Our workers are trained to listen first and then respond. Our communication policy that our workers follow ensures we speak to with respect, honor and honesty.



We don't only talk the talk here; we WALK the WALK.  Everything we say we will do; we STAND BY IT until it is done to our Iconic Standard.  Unlike other companies we with you for the entire journey of the project and beyond as we believe in the relationship as much as our excellence. *Subject to our Terms and conditions.



We are aware of the cost producing anything in this industry & we ensure that the quality of your product resonates with the affordable prices we offer.  Bear in mind that we always use the highest-grade software & hardware technology in all our events/productions.
*Subject to the Packages/Options you select.

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more about iconic productions

Iconic Productions is ICONIC in every sense of the word and our Film and Theater productions, our Events, Video, and Entertainment events, performances, and shows will no doubt leave everyone laughing, entertained and will be memorable. It will be ICONIC WE STAND BY IT!  That is our guarantee.

Our vision
to be the next universal studios

Our vision is to be the next Universal Studios, and while we are not there yet, it is our dream, and we are getting closer every day.  Iconic Productions will be and will become known as the Worlds Playground. 

Working with some of the most well-known talents and celebrities in the industry the company began offering its services across the globe.  In Australia alone within 3 months the company performed more events than its competitors.  This meant, more people, more clients, more fans, and businesses including schools and more teachers were able to utilise this amazing production to promote, stimulate and encourage healthy learning of Australia's history.

The demand of our services grew so rapidly within the first 12 months of operation, a second troupe was started to cater for the number of events that were being produced.  Since 2000 the company employees over 58 full to part-time workers, over 680 casual workers and more than 4,000 crew manpower and contractors to fulfil the demand.

Collectively with the main board of Iconic Production Senior Staff we have 250 years of experience in the Film / Theater / Event / Video / Entertainment industry and over 40 years in Theater in Education. Our productions are not only highly acclaimed among some of the most prestige businesses, clients and private schools and corporate sector, we also provide the most interactive and entertaining events across Australia and the globe.

the next Universal Studios
client Testimonials

Similar to Clint Eastwood's 1966 movie "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" every business wishes to have more of the 'good' then the bad.  With Iconic Productions while we are proud of all the 'Good" feedback we receive we are not averse to court controversy if need be and always accept constructive feedback with honor and integrity.  The 'bad' and the 'ugly' which we rarely see only makes us stronger and better than before

Theatre Audience applauding standing