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We produce and provide live theatre shows, dinner and show events, including Theater in Education Style Performances that are immensely interactive educational shows to schools across Australia and the world.  We also produce all stage plays, stage shows, theater shows, shorts and entertainment for government, public, private, and corporate clients.

Booking over 1800 shows per year, we are proud of what we offer and can't wait to bring LIFE, ENTERTAINMENT, and exhilarating INTERACTION to your next community, corporate or educational event.

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Show & expedition

Australia’s most loved Theater in Education Show.  It is the Worlds Best Interactive Adventure of the First fleet.  Highly recommended by over 5,000 Schools across every state of Australia this show is the most rewarding to all schools, students, children, and teachers.  It is engaging, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable.  Not only does it ensure an unforgettable learning experience for students of all ages in an educational context, it also has memorable and heartfelt moments that will resonate with the students who will forever remember the performance because of the enjoyment and uniqueness of our Audience Interactive experience.  

While the show is aimed at Years 3 and 4 it is suitable for the entire primary school. The educational show allows students to participate as the colonial time span comes alive with authentic props and professional actors. The Colonial Show school incursion brings to life with utter realism the story of Australia's colonisation.

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lighting show

Combined with a well-scripted group of actors, hilarious entertainment and popular high-energy audio tracks, your audience and patrons will have the best time of their life with the most entertaining visual lighting spectacular.

Our Lighting Spectacular Show has been seen and watched by thousands of people across the Globe.  

From the Lambing Flats Festival to Yarrawonga Agricultural Show, Men In Black Dinner Party, Burwood Road Weekend Market Festival, EB Games Expo, Adelaide Film Festival, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth New Year’s Eve Family Night Out, 2018 Commonwealth Games, Opera Australia at the Park, YMCA Fun Weekend Festival, Liverpool Library School Holiday Fun, Pepsi-Co Family Day Out, and Tulley's Farm. 

There is not an event, function, festival, location, or party that would be grandiose without Iconic Performances Lighting Spectacular. It doesn't matter what type of event it is Iconic Performances team of specialists in lighting are the Global Leaders in professional entertainment and we will keep your patrons coming back with the experience ever-lasting.

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Adventure Tour

Experience Sydney's Only BUS Day Tour and Expedition with our trusted Performers and Tour Guides who will take you back in time with real live adventures of Australia's Past in a  sightseeing journey across Sydney's most popular loved and popular tourist sites and  attractions as you are entertained in the Historical Knowledge of its past as we bring Sydney  alive back from the 18th Century.

Travel in comfort, sit back relax and let us take you on an Adventure as we go back in time and venture into the historic areas of Circular Quay and the Rocks as your Colonial Town Crier tells you about the history and significance of the areas.  Travel through the streets of Sydney and discover in true realism Governor Phillips' Plan of Sydney.  It will shock and amaze you.  

There is so much to see, so much to do and all this is done in a true realistic experience that will bring Sydney and its history to LIFE right in front of your eyes.

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most hilarious

Interactive Live Theater Show Performed By A Team of Weird and Whacky Scientists.  It is Fun for Everyone!

Based on the same principal of the popular TV Series "MythBusters", the Boombastic Science Show Event Experience, will excite, inspire, entertain, and make people of all ages laugh.

The Boombastic BIG EVENT Science Show is designed for holiday fun at vacation care centers and hotels where you want to amaze and entertain audiences. The show is ideal for festivals, street corporate and community events, hotel resorts, vacation care programs and library family fun days.

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Our Parade character Live Entertainment Performances is a perfect addition to any event, function, carnival, market, festival, or celebration. If you are promoting a new product or need to create an atmosphere that entertains your audience, customers, or patrons, then look no further than Iconic Productions Live Entertainment Performance Parades.


Bring an endless amount of joy, laughs and excitement. There is no better way to increase the popularity of your market, carnival, festival, or event than with our Iconic and unique Live Action Immersive Entertainment.

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iconic performances

Being the global leader as the only ONE STOP ENTERPRISE for all your PERFORMANCES and LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, we have a countless number of other curtain-raisers.  Visit our Booking Page to see what staged form of entertainment will make your event POP with excitement.

Iconic Performances was founded by the Worlds Playground, a birthday party and babysitting business in 1992.  With exponential growth of its entertainment services and sale of KiddyCity Care and KidSport, Iconic Performances became a well know name in the live entertainment industry.  With comedy shows, live entertainment, and child-based parties Iconic Performances reached audiences across the globe from 5 years of age to 70 +.  One of its great successes was the slogan of No Matter What - Keep On Smiling. 

This slogan was the essence of any party, any show, performance or event and lead to Iconic Performances first ever "Drive Me Crazy", live interactive show.  Sticking with the theme to inspire, stimulate and Keep On Smiling, the company began producing their own live shows of all genres, from Comedy, to Drama, Horror and Audience Interactive performances.  Before long, Iconic Performances was managing and producing other people’s work and shows. 

The additional services as a Production Company across the vast continents of North America, United Kingdom was soon enhanced when the doors of their new office opened in Sydney Australia.  Offering the same incredible events, shows and performances, Iconic Performances was the name on every person’s tongue for the highest quality live theater based shows for the corporate business community, councils, festivals, fetes, functions, tourism and the list goes on.  The word began to spread and with primary (elementary) schools, high schools and educational colleges and universities seeking more quality programs for their classroom and school curricular activities Iconic Performances welcomed the challenge and began producing a variety of school-based, school-aged appropriate events and performances ... 

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