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Our stellar track record of more than 15 years in the live entertainment industry gives you the assurance that our crew have ample experience in executing both in-person and virtual events, from entertainment programs, live entertainment, and theatrical shows.  We don’t stop there as our work also includes webcasts, live streaming, seminars, webinars, events, talks, meetings, and conventions.

Designed with you in mind
"tailor made to your specific needs."
Our events are performed using a linear theatre concept. This concept allows your customers, adults, children, staff, or patrons to experience a performance that is right in front of their eyes with a huge amount of audience participation and interaction. There is no stage and no barriers between the audience and the performers. 
We guarantee to invoke happy emotions and stimulate positive outcomes and experiences, as our pioneering linear concept ensures almost everyone is involved regardless of their age.
You and your patrons or customers, will be immersed in bright sparkly lights, sensationalized by the sound effects, and amused by the performers and/or the presenter. 
Two key elements set us apart from other live event production companies. Firstly, we ensure a producer is assigned to every project of yours. Secondly if requested and it fits the project, we offer smart-technology videography to reduce the cost yet keep the quality of a high end industry media production. 
Whether you are organizing a private or public event, a corporate event, Company Day Out, promoting a product, Dinner Function Event, School Fete, or Child Based Program you can't go wrong with our ENTERTAINMENT, LIVE EVENTS & THEATER SHOWS. 
All our Entertainment and Live Events including our Theater Shows are designed with you and your customers in mind
Our laser lighting events are highly acclaimed
Laser Light Shows
Perfect for Concerts & Corporate Events
incredible spectacular lighting show
Event Spectacular
Entertainment, Live Events & Atmosphere
street character Live Entertainment
Live Theater Shows
Bring the Spotlight to Your Event

These are three of our most popular Live Events.  We are able to produce and provide numerous other ENTERTAINMENT, LIVE EVENTS & THEATER SHOWS.  If our current catalogue is not what you require, give us a call as we can design, produce and perform a tailor-made ENTERTAINMENT, LIVE EVENTS & THEATER SHOW for your next event.

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