You cannot be a ONE STOP ENTERPRISE if you cannot offer the best form of transport, the highest form of personal security and the most efficient logistics.  Our employed Chauffeur Drivers, that is correct, employed Chauffeurs, are able handle all private, or corporate limousine chauffeur services.  This includes requests for business events, sales meetings, client entertainment, road shows, talent cast/crew transportation, Board of Directors meetings, private aviation, and other travel necessity.  We pride ourselves on six very imperative qualities that guarantee and ensure a safe, comfortable, and reliable ride.  These are communication, punctuality, reliability, respect for privacy and confidentiality, safety, and route reliability.  It is not only our Chauffeurs who monitor the traffic and the route.  Our Event Management Team monitor all vehicles and they are always on the look out for the fastest, smoothest, and best route and all this information is sent in real-time to our drivers.

Personalized Service

Our service resonates with everyone with the ultimate in comfort and safety. Our impressive training creates the feeling of having your own personalized butler.

Worldwide Comfort

No matter what your transportation need is, our ONE STOP ENTERPRISE is able to organize the fastest, and most reliable route for your daily needs in comfort and style.

Highest Level of Service

We provide the highest level of service. In addition to impeccably clean chauffeur vehicles, our trained chauffeurs provide friendly, on-time pickups for corporate and leisure travellers.

Chauffeur & Logistics provides professional, 24/7 car and limousine services for corporate and private customers

Our fleet of vehicles add to the power of choice to suit your budget and requirement.  Ranging from Standard sedans, to our luxury and state–of–the–art vehicles which include the Stylized Genesis, Audi A8 and Mercedes all our clients find our facilitation of travel makes a fast–paced business environment worry-free, smooth, comfortable, safe, and relaxing.

It is time you feel the Iconic way in personal, private, or executive Chauffeur service that guarantees to handle your worldwide transportation services with ease. 

Wherever your day shall take you, Iconic Production’s Chauffeurs will bring you there in comfort, safety and on time every time!


Established in 2012, Our Security Personnel are becoming one of the most trusted and respected security agencies in the USA, UK, and Australia.  Our speciality is in Executive Protection/Bodyguards and Concert/Event.  The level of our security service includes discreet protection services for celebrities, entertainers and high-profile people who are seeking a low-profile and private footprint.

Part of our service is about building a unique protection plan for your specific company culture and needs.  With our proven track record and longevity in the security industry, we are confident in protecting you, your audience, your clients, or your event no matter where in the world.

We are very aware of the threats that exist for our profile of clientele. Our experience in dealing with all possible forms of threats and unfavorable situations that can occur is due to our unique in-house training of physical fitness, strength, Mixed Martial Arts as well as our most valuable weapon - education and discipline in Self Defense.  In addition to this, all our Security Personnel and Bodyguards have certification in Advanced Emergency Medical.

Gold Standard in Protection

Our unblemished proven strategy is based on privacy, confidentiality, discretion and attention to detail.

Bodyguard Protection

Our services are related to safety and privacy, including travel logistics and security awareness.

Protective Public Events

Using similar principles to the U.S. Secret Service, our focus is on proactive and preventative security for every event with an audience.

VIP Security Services: Privacy Protection

SAFETY is our number 1 priority.  Our security team have the necessary social awareness to provide an assurance of comfort, reliability, and security among all guests.  This is why we take pride in being well-mannered yet strict on the rules of safety and security.

With one of the lowest, incident ratios in the industry, considering the number of jobs, events, and festivals we have looked after, our relationship with local Law Enforcement, Emergency and Officials is some of the highest regarded.  In conjunction with them, our Security always works beyond what is needed to ensure that your event, regardless of what it is, or how many people are involved, is a secure, enjoyable, and most importantly a safe experience.